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If you wanted to, you could race twice a weekend from now until the end of December. Like wheelsets in Jeremy Powers’ caravan, there are just so many to choose from (32 total).

Variety and choice is great for you, the #TXCX racer. You are in the driver’s seat, so to speak. But how do you pick the races you want to attend?

It’s your schedule and your time, so be sure to choose the ones that matter most to YOU. Here are eleven differentiators for you to consider when drafting your race calendar this year.

1. Location

Most everyone is going to choose the local race, right? After all, if you don’t have to travel why would you? There are many reasons to think beyond your region, and we’ll get to them. But know that the new TXBRA calendar has a slew of experiences and you might not be limited to your area code.

2. Experience

You may recall this beast from Sugar CX earlier in the year.

You may recall this beast from Sugar CX last year. We know Rob Sisk (like Pepperidge Farms) remembers.

Did you like the flyover at Give Me Some Sugar CX? How about the beer garden, costumes and racing through an olde-timey village at Spooky CX? Whatever you like at events, you should make sure they are on your calendar.

Consider the course design – maybe you love the hills (Highlander CX), or you know how to really rail the sand (Georgetown). Maybe you’re an all arounder and it just doesn’t matter.

Also know your designer – Some track architects really know their terrain, and it shows by the flow – lots of tight turns and technical challenges (any Fawley event). Or maybe you want it more like a road event – all straights and gentle sweepers (Six Shooter, Webberville). It’s your call what you like, so capitalize.

And just so we’re all on the same page, nobody enjoys sketchy gravel turns on cement. Continue Reading…

Luke using home course advantage to hurt people at the Houston Velodrome

Luke using home course advantage to hurt people at the Houston Velodrome

After looking at the oldest cyclocross racer in Texas, this week we turn our attention to one of the youngins. Luke Fleming has been riding away from a majority of the Cat. 3 field all season, and is now playing with the big boys in the P/1/2 races…..all this before he has even received his drivers license.

Thanks for taking the time to answer a couple of questions Luke, tell us about your bike.

I ride a Specialized Crux Pro with State wheels and Sram Force components.

You are based out of the Houston area, so which team have you been riding with this season.

I ride for Sugar Cycles / Wholesome Sweetener Race team.

Heading into the 13/14 season, you already knew you were going to be racing on a weekly basis with the Cat 3 men. What were some of your other goals for the season.

I want to get faster, develop my cross skills, and nab a top ten in 15-16 nationals.

How would you describe your race strategy?

Typically I start slow and attack on the last lap. I don’t like riding solo since wind really hurts me. Continue Reading…

Big Ball’s in Cowtown

Trinity Park – back for race weekend number six at a time-tested venue. Local fast racers, Art Exum and Ginny King, are promoting two races – Colonel’s/ShoAir ‘Cross (Sat) and King Cross (Sun) – in the same park this year. Here is their take on the weekend.

How will your race compare to previous years?
The course will be very similar, but I make little changes every year for variety. Over the years I’ve found a lot of features that I really like and are popular with both racers and spectators, so I stick with them. This year, with Colonel’s being the title sponsor, the shop has gone to some real effort to drum up good merchandise sponsors, and the Giant rep will be on site with a 25-foot trailer full of demo bikes. We also have a local upstart brewery bringing us a keg or two of “samples”. On top of it all, everyone who enters Saturday will get a raffle ticket for a drawing at 4:30PM at the Colonel’s shop (about 3 blocks away on Foch street) for a Giant TCX ‘cross bike. This is really exciting for us.

Woah – race CX and you could win a bike. Nice. What will make your courses technically challenging? Sand pit? Or a long run-up? Exciting barrier placement? Continue Reading…

Weekend number five, bitties. Let’s hop to it.

Just outside Austin is the thriving metropolis of Georgetown, home to the Georgetown Grand State Crit Championship earlier in the year and one Mr Nolan Ryan. Yeah, that guy.

First year promoter (and Masters Worlds competitor), Rolando Roman, gives us his take on the full full weekend.

Saturday’s flyer. Sunday is slightly different – races start one hour earlier for those headed home to other parts of the state.

Georgetown Cyclocross Festival is all new and benefits the Cyclocross Project 2015. Can you tell us about that?
The race profit will benefit our Kids Cross program Cyclocross Project 2015. It was developed for juniors with the goal to participate in the 2015 Cyclocross Nationals which will be hosted in Austin, Texas. By providing free clinics and training sessions to foster the next generation of cyclists we can help develop principles and values; good sportsmanship, attitude and teamwork among participants. 

How will your race compare to others in Texas?
The beauty of cyclocross is that every course is difference.  We are fortunate to partner with the City of Georgetown and they have allow us to use a perfectly manicured park that has changes in terrain, sand pit section and an open areas that will be perfect for spectating. Continue Reading…

CX Shenanigans No. 16

joeyTWOwheels —  September 11, 2012 — 2 Comments

They’re racing cross in Ithaca, yo. The good doctor here is flying:

That sand pit was almost European.

We might not be racing, but #TXCX fever is everywhere.

Tuesday Night Time Trials in FTW brings you Tuesday Night CX. I hear that sponsor Andy Tattoo will replicate the FWCX logo on the winner’s ass for free. Just a rumor, though.

Bicycle Sport Shop Austin is sponsoring some Sunday practices on the Richard Moya course (Cyclocross Shuffle – Dec 8). I love that overgrown pecan grove.

SECTS is starting on Wednesday in Houston. Who doesn’t need more SECTS? This has all the makings of a cool series. Show up at Terry Hershey on Wednesday, races go off at 6pm, $15. Runs through October 31st.

WNX is just a month away.Counting the six races Bryan Fawley is hosting in the Texas Cup, this series makes 20 on the year. Be sure to say thanks when you see him. October 3-January 9.

ASUfit CX is back for another year out in San Angelo. It’s part of West Texas CX, which has a lot of details TBA/TBD. Just know you’ll be chasing ole Bill Cullins no matter what, and we’ll post the news here when we get it. .

Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter CX Race is up for pre-reg. Like last year, you’ll want to register right away for the best starting spots in the initial races. That will change after the first weekend to TX Cup points. Look for a full race preview from promoter Brett Kinsey soon. I’ve been hearing great things so far.

Um, WTF?

Hup! Hup! You cowbell queen.

CX Shenanigans No. 13

joeyTWOwheels —  December 14, 2011 — 12 Comments


I love the number 13. I started this post on the 13th and it is, in fact, CX Shenanigans No. 13. Combined with Race Previews and Ask A CX Expert, News and How To’s, we’re at 38 posts all year.

So let’s get this shit posted already.

Steve Tilford cross the line in 1st at The CX Scuffle in Moya Park. Sean Noonan, about to get lapped, waits for the leader.

The Day Tilly Came To Town
He wrote about us. We wrote about him. He even summarized The Shenanigans in the TSA Taunt Tent. It’s pretty cool that a world-class cyclocross racer came to Austin to race. The exposure he brought to our scene will certainly help us all. (Thanks, Champ!)

Well, maybe not the others who were in the money on Saturday, but still…this is the kind stuff. Continue Reading…

Day two of the Texas State Championship Weekend finds us just north of H-Town at the venue of past great races promoted by The Woodlands Cycling Club. This planned community has great parks, and I’m glad we get to shred them every year.

One unique change for this year – all the profits raised at this race goes directly to the Christopher and Dana Reeves Foundation. Our hosts have been hit hard by accidents with miserable outcomes, so they’re doing their part to give back. Please race, and please donate if you can.

Eternal 40+ fast guy, Craig Fitzgerald, what’s your take on the 2011 Terra X?

How would you describe the course?
One big lump of glorified cyclocross nirvana. Mostly grassy with climbs, off-camber sweeping descents, straight-away sections, and a run-up section.

Anything special about the start/finish?
How ’bout a gridded start? For races that have a TXBRA Cup Series (e.g. Masters 40+), the first row (8 lanes) will be reserved for top 8 in the series. Subsequent call-ups will be by registration order. Non-TXBRA Cup Series races will be called-up per registration order. Continue Reading…