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CX Shenanigans No. 25

joeyTWOwheels —  January 12, 2014 — Leave a comment

Last day!

This is it. If you haven’t heard, you too can watch our favorite Texans go for the gold. I’ve embedded the link below, but you can also go directly to the site.

The schedule for today (all times Central, since we are):

  • 12 p – Juniors Men’s 17-18 Race – look for Rob Sandusky (bib no. 97)
  • 2:30 p – Elite Women’s Race – Moore (85) toes the line, so does Gokey-Smith (95) and Hardeman (114)
  • 3:45 p – Elite Men’s Race – Wiley Mosley (87) races the big dogs with Cross (102) and Nguyen (109)

Earlier in the day (and not televised) will see Zach Carlson in the D1 Collegiate for Marian and Kevin Fish for UT. Go for it, boys!

Speaking of Kevin, what a great job he did in the U23 race. 9th place! Check out this video:

Watch more video of 2014 Cyclocross Nationals on

Here’s how our racers fared on Saturday:

Kevin Fish – 9/49 Men’s U23 TOP TEN
Zach Carlson – 23/49 Men’s U23
Ben Cross – 57/65 Men’s 30-34
Wiley Mosley – 23/72 Men’s 35-39
Rey Madolora – 39/72 Men’s 35-39
Rolando Roman – 43/72 Men’s 35-39
Paul Bonds – 20/118 Men’s 40-44
Ian Moore – 41/118 Men’s 40-44
Rodney Rios – 96/118 Men’s 40-44
Daniel Curtin – 102/118 Men’s 40-44
Faith Watkins – 10/18 Women’s 35-39 TOP TEN

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Tough CX is an apropos name, because dang is it tough. This course became an instant #TXCX classic when it appeared two years ago and we’ve enjoyed (suffered through) a season opener and states there just last year.

Bryan Fawley, course logistics coordinator for the Texas Cross Syndicate, explains it like this: 

Make your way to the most authentic place for CX in Texas, the German hamlet of Fredericksburg.

Make your way to the most authentic place for CX in Texas, the German hamlet of Fredericksburg.

The course is a classic because it has something for everyone – a long stretch of uphill pavement, fast tree lined sections, sand, big run up, and great view for the spectators. You can see entire course from the warm fire.

How much will the track change compared to last year? 

Day one will be similar to the classic of last year with a couple changes. Day 2 will get some big changes in sections. As well as the order of the sections to give it a new feel.

Plenty of reason to race both days. Sometimes the same track twice can be monotonous. One thing that could certainly change it is rain. What should users consider if we get some moisture on Friday?

Last year it snowed and rained with little to now change in course. The soil actually hooks up better with a little rain. If not, the sandy soil gets loose. Current condition is perfect! Continue Reading…