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Editor’s Note – guests posts are always welcome, even video or photography-based stories. Thanks to local favorite #Cat3Elite, Minor Baker, for contributing this quality write up. And to his worthy TXCX adversary (and friend), Scott King, for the quality images. Hup!

Three years ago, when UCI decided to award the Cyclocross World Championship to Louisville, KY many Europeans (both racers and fans) scoffed at the idea of the World Championships being held outside of Europe.  To make matters more interesting was the fact it was going to be held in Louisville, Kentucky, instead of more developed US cyclocross hot spots such as New England or the Pacific Northwest.  Louisville had done an outstanding job hosting a USGP race for the last couple of years, but if we were being honest, Louisville doesn’t even crack the top ten of CX destinations (i.e. Koksijde, Tabor, Lille, Zolder), heck it may not even be in the top three of US cyclocross destinations (Providence, Portland, or Boulder).  I think in both cases, that perception has changed. Continue Reading…

Natalie Goforth on route to second place in the 3/4s. Photo jacked from @cass_kee, again.

Looks like it was a fun weekend in the eastern part of the great state. Saturday saw 108 racers and Sunday brought out 103 – right on par with the first two #TXCX weekends.

Most of the reports coming across from racers on the scene is that the course was reminiscent of Alpha CX last year in Austin. Fairly flat, a lot of grass, similar to a crit. Kudos to Kyle Davenport for listening to the racers and adjusting his layout for an improved experience on Sunday. He even promises to bring more next year.

But regardless, all of our courses will be different and all have pluses and minuses. The only constant, it seems, are the fast people at the front. Speaking of…

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UCI quality.
Challenging and technical.
Fun, tough, fast, tough, spectator friendly, tough…did I mention tough?
Family had a great time.

OK, so that’s nothing that you haven’t seen already in the forums. But if you were at the race, you likely heard those accolades and some great heckles:

C’Mon Magnum P.I., catch that dude. (at Sean Duckett in the 3/4s)
Damn. you fast guys are all greedy bitches (P/1/2 men who scooped up every dollar handup thrown in the first lap)
That’s right, now I’m over HERE to heckle you.
If you don’t learn to remount that Moots properly, we’re gonna take it from you.
Don’t suck, Joe (from a two-year-old).
Big Bird is a sandbagger! Continue Reading…

Elite Men on the back side of the Sunday course. Instagram ripped off from @Cass_Kee on Twitter, without permission.

Talk about a tale of two courses – the weekend events were about as opposite as driving a Ferrari as it is to steer a school bus. Forget what you know about CX racing in Texas, dry and dusty was only part of the weekend equation.

The course layout was great on both days. Promoter Bryan Fawley put in over 20 hours and the course lived up to his word and created a flowing new venue that was expertly marked (stakes and tape!) and somewhat jarring – it’s been awhile since Pollard Park actually saw heavy traffic.

Initial reactions from the first race was that there was a generous amount of twists and turns and sandy, loose soil, plus possibly too much loose gravel and a narrow path on the back side. It made things interesting, but racers held their own once the pack stretched out. By the time the noon race started, it was really cleared up.

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