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Up until this week, everything has been Regional, small time. But here we are in week three, staring down the barrel of our first Texas Cup Elite Series race – Six Shooter, big time.

What does this mean? Well, you should read this post for more details. But in a nut – the races have expanded categories, their own points system, leaders jerseys and more.

If you’re counting at home, that’s six different series here in Texas. All with their own rules, perks, schedules and more. Don’t ask us to keep them all separate, ’cause it’s just not worth it.

Enough about that, here’s some info about the big gun show in Austin this weekend.


All you need on one sheet.

Saturday and Sunday, October 3-4, 2015
Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter Cyclocross Race

We’ve been racing in this park since 2008. I was reminded of that this weekend when a friend said “do you remember when the old course used to go along the lake? I loved that.” The same person talked about how they liked the current Six Shooter course enough, but really wished the promoters would use the land differently. Continue Reading…

People have been saying it. “Why the heck are we racing cross in September?”

Doesn’t make it any less true, comrades. It’s on, like that blow dryer wind smacking you in the face from Mexico.

Without adieu…

Wait a second - did you guys hire a designer for this flyer? If so, how can you charge so little?

Wait a second – did you guys hire a designer for this flyer? If so, how can you charge just $25 per race?

Saturday, Sept. 26th, 2015
Houston Grand Prix of Cyclocross presented by Sugar Cycles

This ain’t the first rodeo for the Sugar Cycles. They held races as far back as 2011, and we even found them to be super responsive to the criticisms of the racers. Pretty weird, right? Anyway, we wrote “kudos to promoter Kyle Davenport for adjusting his layout from day one to two” and “he promises to bring even more next year” – and that he has. Alongside those Kolo Promo boys, the events in Houston are always top notch. Continue Reading…

And we’re off.

Wait, already?

Damn, this seems way too soon.
Way too early.

I don't know about that, but I do know this blog doesn't give a sh*t anymore. Enjoy.

I don’t know about that, but I do know this blog doesn’t give a sh*t anymore. Enjoy.

Are you ready? Do you have the intervals logged? Watts pushed?

Ready or not, it’s on.

Unlike years past where we ask the promoters set questions, this year is just bringing the real.

Real dirt. Honest opinions. No fluff. No kowtow. Just straight up CX talk. No apologies.

So, let’s get into it.


Week one, race one - It's a Bexar 2015.

Week one, race one – It’s a Bexar 2015.

Saturday, Sept 19th, 2015
It’s a Bexar, San Antonio

In 2012, this race was run in a drainage ditch of a park in a neighborhood that featured pit bull sprints for warm up. It was semi-interesting (because of the hood) and super hot that weekend, and the deep grass zapped the legs pretty quickly.
Continue Reading…

Before we get to #CXNats, we’ve got to go through States. So let’s strap it down and show the rest of the country how we do it at one of the gems of #TXCX – Resolution CX (formerly once also called The Most Awesome CX Race).

ResolutionCX_2015-4_Page_1This event is bigger than ever – hosting #TXCXStates and a USA Cycling PRO CX and UCI-sanctioned event. Jeff Lucido, fearless leader of the Texas Cross Syndicate, has worked hard for years to make this happen, and it’s finally here.

Jeff – tell us how the course will compare to last year’s hilly fun: 
This year we are taking a new approach to the course flow to prepare folks for Nationals in Austin the following week. We have a new UCI sand pit (look it up, it will be hard) and barriers section. We have a Belgian stair section planned too, but construction is dependent on Thursday’s weather forecast. We expanded the single track woods section with a few harder efforts we think racers will enjoy. We may or may not include the mulch pile run-up upon exit of the woods (if I can convince Ian it will be “fun” for the amateur events). The course is also longer and includes a new section in the upper field we haven’t used before. Finally, we will have a full 200m of road to the finish line this year. Continue Reading…

Racing starts at 10am both days.

Racing starts at 10am both days.

Just a few weekends left, and local promoter Rolando Roman wants you to keep your form. The final race of the ATXCXCup is upon us, as are the last opportunities to toe the line in 2014.

Let’s get into it.

Say, Ro, how would you describe the terrain at the Quest Park? 
This is a new venue; Quest ATX is a new cable assist water ski and wake board park in Austin TX. It is private property with ½ mile of the course covered with elevation change, a fast grass section, a twisty tree section, barriers, double pit and a fly-over. It’s a ~1.75 mile course. Continue Reading…

Holy crap – just 25 more days until states, and 29 until #CXNats here in Austin. Man, this is going to be an epic run!


Note that we start at 10a both days – different than most races on the TX Cup schedule.

We lead off with the month of Texas Cross with a course that is consistently known as one of the hardest, most challenging courses on the schedule. The terrain of the Highlander Cross Cup is essentially the side of a hill that you traverse many times, much to the delight of the generous crowds of hecklers. We were there in 2012 and 2013, (and last year was a complete mud slog), but this year Race Director, Ian Moore, has promised some changes.

Ian – what should we expect?
The course this year has been tossed into a washing machine and mixed up.  It allows us to move the start and finish to the upper parking lot which increases space for teams, start finish, food trucks, etc. this also allowed us to center the pit in the course and add a few sweet new climbs! Continue Reading…

First time on the TXCX for CCCX, and the first time Copperas Cove has hosted a cyclocross event. Race Director, Andy Hollinger, is bringing our sport to this hamlet of a town.

Equal pay for men and women. Races start at 11a.

Equal pay for men and women. Races start at 11a.

Andy – what can we expect from Ogletree Gap Preserve? Hilly? Sandy?
The Course is on a new nature park. There are fields, trees several hills and a stream.

Tell us about the park itself – much to do for families and kids?
The park is under development and there is plenty of nature to explore. It doesn’t have any real facilities there yet.

Where is the best place to warmup?
The road into the park will give a good paved surface and the park above our course will provide an area much like the course itself. Continue Reading…