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It's time... let's get to it.

It’s time… let’s get to it.


Everyone keeps talking about it. ‘graming it.

You can feel the excitement building as racers acquire new frames and gear and review all the latest road and mountain bike results to see where their archenemy is placing.

Cross is heating up in Texas, y’all. You best be busy.

Here’s your schedule to date. Some things might change (as you can see by the TBDs), but at least you know where you’ll be spending 14 (potential) weekends this fall and winter.

4 – Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter – Austin
5 - Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter
11 - San Antonio CX – It’s a Bexar – San Antonio
12 - San Antonio CX - It’s a Bexar
18 - Webberville Cross – Austin
19 - Cyclocross Scuffle – Austin
25 - Cross Houston – Houston
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2014StateCyclocrossAgeBasedChampionships3Our last race of the year is the age-based Texas State Championships hosted by Bat City Cycling in Austin. Unlike years past, this race (known as the Cyclocross Scuffle) will not take place and the beloved Moya Park.

We asked James Sides, race promoter, to give us the full scoop. James – what happened to that great track you guys normally run?

The great Halloween flood has washed out the Moya venue. No bathroom facilities but a few tons of natural barriers.

I’m glad you were able to recover quick and double up at Webberville. What can we expect?

The course will have five inclines with three in a row that some may find they have to run up after a lap or two, two sand pits, some off camber, a set of barriers, and a circle of doom.

Webberville Map 2014 TXCup Age based CX race (1)

The last time up the hill follows a sharp 180º turn. For most it will be a run.

I found traction and psi to be some strong things to consider as well as the motor having enough oomph for the first few laps to be able to make the inclines and get a separation from the pack.

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66e6a34399affab1579de98d0d7ab996-8b10467c65b61a2bfcbe3f2a414475afYour big weekend is finally upon us. You’ve worked hard and measured watts and heart rates – now it is time to bring what you got and leave it all on the line.

Skills-based State Championships are on Saturday at a course and venue we’re all familiar with – Webberville. Violet Crown has been hosting this race for ages.

Pay attention to start times as this event is a bit different than regular race weekends.

Pay attention to start times as this event is a bit different than regular race weekends.

John Bartle is the promoter. JB, tell us what’s in store for this year:

Detailed map of the 2013-2014 Skills-Based State Championship course

Detailed map of the 2013-2014 Skills-Based State Championship course

The course is similar to last year. I like to use the natural features available at this venue, but do have a couple of ‘twists’ for this year. One being a cyclocross-in-a-box feature which will mimic a detail I saw in the Tabor course – a double U-turn inside a square. Plus we will be running through a pavilion, which will be ideal for amplifying heckling and maybe a little disco dancing.

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And then there were four – four lonely cross races left on the #TXCX schedule. Please, don’t anybody say “crit” or “mountain bike season” at the next race – we may lose it.

For your post-Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Festivus pleasure we have the Resolution Cross Cup, the race formerly known as The Most Awesome Cross Race Ever. Jeff Lucido of the Texas Cyclocross Syndicate gives us the low down.

Tell us about the course – last year there was a significant hill and some single track.

What else are you going to do after opening all those gifts and eating copious amounts of treats?

What else are you going to do after opening all those gifts and eating copious amounts of treats?

Yes, the venue is centered around the the amphitheater section of the park so you can imagine that means elevation change. We don’t want to kill you with trips up and down the slope (which is all grass) so we will be using it strategically. The fun downhill singletrack section which the racers raved about last year will be returning but there is a new section being added too which we think will help challenge the racers.

In all honesty we are building the course to include several elements which will play to the strengths of several different types of riders. Since the amphitheater section is so open it makes for great spectating in all directions with 90+ percent of the course being visible. Thus, we want challenges but we want tactics and strategy more to keep the race visually exciting for the spectators.

Besides a gigantic pile of dirt, What will be the most challenging aspect of the track?

The run-ups will be tough but I can’t say more since we need some surprises … alright, quick and burning … but nothing more!
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If you’re a long-time #TXCX racer, you may realize that something is a bit amiss about this weekend in Houston:

Terra X is on Sunday while Bikesport is on Saturday. Say wut?

Yes, it’s crazy town.
But that’s not all – Terra X is going in reverse. 

TerraX 08Dec2013 Flyer-Permitted - Rev 2Both of these long-standing events are very well run and held in solid Houston locations. Craig Fitzgerald of Woodlands Cycling is the Race Director for Terra, and he answered some of our most burning questions:

This course is great for spectators – compact park, an amazing playscape for anyone bringing kids and miles of bike-friendly streets and paths for warm ups. What else do you have in store? 

Hopefully y’all have the family in tow. After experiencing the Bikesport Cyclocross Challenge at Mason Park, come up to The Woodlands and enjoy some of the activities, such as the The Waterway, Skating Rink and Winter Wonderland. Out at the venue, The Parks Dept has added to the wheel park, so bring the boards/skates/etc. Continue Reading…

Eight races left, bitties. 

You know when the Bikesport Cyclocross Challenge and Terra X come about that the season in near complete. In fact, for many Texans this weekend marks just 30 days before the ultimate race – States.

CrossFlyer2013ccDon Paullo, the wizard behind the curtain, gives us some insight into the legendary track in SE Houston.

11 years! Wow, this is one long-standing event. 

Yes we have been promoting cyclocross in Houson since 2003!  Hard to believe, we sure have come a long way from the old TC Jester course.


Wow! The start / finish banners, that kit on that woman @ 1:33, “Joey’s OK” at 2:39 and (oh my) the soundtrack in that video…simply. amazing. Continue Reading…


Last year’s course was tough – hilly with great varied terrain and plenty of off-camber handling sections. It was just what we’ve come to expect from a Fawley-designed course.

2013HighlanderCrossCupBack to the scene of the crime, the Texas Cross Syndicate brings us their second weekend in a row. We asked Jeff and Bryan about the Highlander ‘Cross Cup, a national-level race designation (USAC CXNC).

Saturday is the CXNC day – what does that do for your preparation?

We have to do all the extras, that would be almost required at a UCI event. As well as raise serious sponsorship to cover the financial responsibilities that come with it. This is the highest level of race without being UCI, it is requirement in the prior year to have this status if you want to become a UCI event. This means big money and hopefull attention to TEXAS. Continue Reading…