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You see them at most of the races – neither one showing any mercy while racing or heckling – and if you’re end up chatting with them you realize they are a couple of super cool people who are helping to grow the cyclocross scene in Houston. Rob and Lisa thanks for taking the time to answer a couple of questions.

Tell us about your bikes, well just the cyclocross bikes, because we don’t have time to hear about them all.

Lisa:  1. Specialized Carbon Crux Pro Disc  2. Specialized Cruz Expert SS

Rob:  ON ONE – Dirty Disco, Stan’s wheel set up tubeless, 10sp shimano group, Hayes disc brakes.

And who do you guys race for?


Lisa shredding earlier in the year.

Lisa:  Sugar Cycles Factory Team

Rob:  Bikesport

Wait, two different teams? What gives?

Rob:  We are both loyal to the the teams that we started out racing with. 😉

Lisa:  Plus the Two best shops in Houston.

What are your goals for the 13/14 season?

Rob:  To finish the race and have fun doing it

Lisa:  Have Fun!

Besides being fun, how would you describe your racing style?  

Rob:  hmmmmmmmm… style I guess

Lisa:  Steady

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For our latest profile, we sat down with local TYC hardman, Todd Hauber. Todd is new to the TXCX scene this season, but he has jumped right in, and has been dominate enough to now be racing as a Cat 2 after starting the season as a 3.

Tell us about your rig.

Geekhouse Team Mudville

Making that Geekhouse Go Go Go

Making that Geekhouse Go Go Go

Obviously you are racing with TYC this season, the floral pattern was a dead give away, but how long have you been with the team? 

I boarded the vessel this past August.

Wow, you guys really go “all in” with that nautical stuff. What are your goals for the 13/14 season?

Coming into this season, my goals were to be in the top 3 overall in the Texas Cup Points Series and get that Cat 3 State Champion Neck Jewelry. Now that I’ve upgraded to Cat 2 my goals have changed. There’s a lot to be learned racing in the big leagues. I would like to crack the top 10 here in Texas by the end of the season. I’d like to go to Boulder for nationals to race Elites and Age disciplines. If I go hard, race smart and give a handful of people some problems it will be a success.  

How would you describe your racing style?

A sloppy mess. A whirling disaster. Boats and Flowers.

What is your most important piece of cyclocross gear?

Tubulars. Tires (FMB’s from Portland Bicycle Studio), Wheels (Bontrager D3‘s), Legs (Stock Caucasian). Tools. Always need to be tooling on the bike after a race. I keep an Asian Tom Cruise in my pocket cause he’s a killer mechanic.
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Luke using home course advantage to hurt people at the Houston Velodrome

Luke using home course advantage to hurt people at the Houston Velodrome

After looking at the oldest cyclocross racer in Texas, this week we turn our attention to one of the youngins. Luke Fleming has been riding away from a majority of the Cat. 3 field all season, and is now playing with the big boys in the P/1/2 races…..all this before he has even received his drivers license.

Thanks for taking the time to answer a couple of questions Luke, tell us about your bike.

I ride a Specialized Crux Pro with State wheels and Sram Force components.

You are based out of the Houston area, so which team have you been riding with this season.

I ride for Sugar Cycles / Wholesome Sweetener Race team.

Heading into the 13/14 season, you already knew you were going to be racing on a weekly basis with the Cat 3 men. What were some of your other goals for the season.

I want to get faster, develop my cross skills, and nab a top ten in 15-16 nationals.

How would you describe your race strategy?

Typically I start slow and attack on the last lap. I don’t like riding solo since wind really hurts me. Continue Reading…

Wow, what a weekend in Waco!

If you didn’t race this weekend you missed out on a sloppy slugfest.

Fighting for America and CX glory.

Fighting for America and CX glory.

This week we sat down with a local favorite and all around badass, Fred Schmid. Fred is the only Texan to currently wear the Stars and Stripes of the National Champion in cyclocross.

What are you riding this year?

I ride a Redline Conquest Team with Shimano Ultrega 10-speed, HED Ardenes wheels with Clement PDX tubulars.

Besides riding for your country, what team are you riding for this year.<

I ride for Bicycles Outback / Hammer Nutrition / Pro Gold. That is not a registered team, but these sponsors have been very good to me.

Good sponsors are hard to find, but I would guess they are happy with their return on investment.  What are your goals for the reminder of the season.  <

My goal is to Win the National Championship in Boulder, CO. In Texas I have to ride against guys young enough to be my sons or grandsons!  So I don’t expect to place well. But it’s the best possible training for me.

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Kevin Fish putting the hammer down.

Kevin Fish putting the hammer down at Webberville CX.

With Spooky Cross upon us it is time to answer a few questions with another Texas CX racer, or should I say crusher of souls. This week we asked a few questions of the guy we have seen at the front of every P/1/2 race this season, Kevin Fish. Thanks for taking a few minutes to sit down with us and talk cyclocross.

Tell us about your rig:

Currently I’m riding my Fuji Altamira 2.0s but my two Felt F2Xs will be in soon and I will be riding Felt for the rest of the season.

What team will you be racing with this season?

This season I will be racing with Team Super Squadra.

Looking back through your cross results you had a pretty big year last year, what are your goals for the 13/14 season?

My goals for the 13/14 season are to continually see improvement with results at national races from the past few years and then eventually go to the U23 US CX Camp in Belgium over Christmas break. Also I’d like to see if I could bag a top 5 or even a top 3 at nationals. My best result at U23 nats is 7th currently, so I just have to buckle down and keep training hard for that result. Continue Reading…

The time has finally arrived, we are less then a week away from the first weekend of racing.  You are double checking your bike, getting in those last interval sessions, and you are checking weather reports for any hint of moisture, and you are not the only one. Over the next three months we here at TexasCX are working with each promoter to highlight a local racer. First up, Joey Machado (aka- The Cuban Missile). Joey is an all-around good guy, ridiculously fast racer, and a totally shit heckler (he is just too nice).

Joey thanks for taking a few minutes to answer these questions for the TXCX community.

Joey CX St. champs '10

What the heck is this? Water on a TXCX track? Joey Machado expertly navigates the wet on his way to another podium.


2014 Specialized “Pro Race Disc” CruX. Those hydraulic brakes are sic!

What team will you be racing with this season?

Bicycle Sport Shop CX Team

What are your goals for the 13/14 season?

Goals: Up my heckling game! Work on my weaknesses: cornering, re-mounts to name a few…

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