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So many opportunities to share encouragement (heckling) with  the racers at Webberville CX, site of this year's TXCX Championships.

So many opportunities to distract the anaerobic racers with quality heckling at Webberville CX, site of this year’s TXCX Championships.

Hup! Hup!

CX season is finally here and people all over the state are practicing mounts and dismounts, throwing major wattage into intervals and heckling their friends and co-workers to fine-tune their gameday shenanigans.

Wether you’re new to the sport or a seasoned pro, here are tips for your prep, some rule changes to be aware of and more.

Seal your rubber. Wether you ride tubed, tubeless or tubular, use of sealant (like TX-based Orange Seal) is a must. Goat heads are everywhere in the great state. Trust us.

No, seriously, trust us and go install some sealant this week.

Buy a cowbell. Or a vuvuzela. Or a trumpet. We like to make some noise at our events and have fun. It starts with being obnoxious and encouraging.

Bring handups. Bacon. Beer. Shrimp cocktail. Tequila. Cookies. Dolla dolla bils, yo. All of those things have ended up on my person or in my body during a race. Oh, and the kids love Twizzler handups (ok, adults, too). Continue Reading…

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Cyclocross season is upon us, and that means training. Lots of training.

CX racing is all about technique, especially with technical sections and barriers to maneuver. Good technique could mean the difference between the place you’re in, and the one you want. And the only way to get there is through practice.

Like most cyclists, I prefer to ride my bike to the park, but it can be hard to negotiate traffic with oversized PVC pipes strapped to your back. So with the help of my father-in-law, Corky, and a little inspiration from the design of these Pony Shop practice barriers, we set off to create two compact, portable barriers.

Here’s a step-by-step look:

2 – 10′ long 3/4″ PVC pipes (or 1″, whatever you choose)
2 – 3/4″ to 3/4″ PVC pipe connectors
4 – 3/4″ 90º “corners” with side 3/4″ threaded side outlet
4 – 3/4″ threaded to slip connectors
Miter box
Fine grade sandpaper


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