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It's time... let's get to it.

It’s time… let’s get to it.


Everyone keeps talking about it. ‘graming it.

You can feel the excitement building as racers acquire new frames and gear and review all the latest road and mountain bike results to see where their archenemy is placing.

Cross is heating up in Texas, y’all. You best be busy.

Here’s your schedule to date. Some things might change (as you can see by the TBDs), but at least you know where you’ll be spending 14 (potential) weekends this fall and winter.

4 – Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter – Austin
5 - Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter
11 - San Antonio CX – It’s a Bexar – San Antonio
12 - San Antonio CX - It’s a Bexar
18 - Webberville Cross – Austin
19 - Cyclocross Scuffle – Austin
25 - Cross Houston – Houston
26 - Cross Houston Continue Reading…

Join Tim Johnson and Pete Webber for a ride to COTA and fun at the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas. All two wheels, all day. Photos ripped off from

Join Tim Johnson and Pete Webber for a ride to COTA and fun at the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas. All two wheels, all day. Photos ripped off from


UPDATE – Pete Webber just told the crew that there will be private indoor parking at COTA exclusively for the group. Plus they have a limited number of FREE tickets. Get on it if you want one. Email Pete at Also, bring your lock for extra security measures at the indoor spot.

Are you on the list for the CX Clinic this Saturday? The one with Tim Johnson and Pete Webber?

Well, unless you were on social media the day of the announcement, you might not have had the chance to sign up before it was sold out.

Fear not, friends, now you can ride on Sunday with the national and world-class stars of cyclocross.

Ride to the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas

This Sunday, April 13, you are all invited to come ride bikes, watch the world’s best moto racers, and enjoy the fantastic world of two wheels!

Some details:

Who: Open to all and designed for intermediate to advanced riders comfortable riding at a brisk pace and in uncertain traffic. Ride participants include cyclocross stars Tim Johnson and Pete Webber, along with friends from Bicycle Sport Shop and the cycling community.

Where: Ride starts and finishes at Bicycle Sport Shop, 517 S. Lamar, Austin.

When: Sunday, April 13, 8:30 am sharp. Please arrive a few minutes early. The group arrives at COTA around 11:00 am. Main event finishes at 2:45 pm, and the group will meet at the bike racks at 3:30 pm sharp for the 1-hr ride home.

The Ride: The scenic route – about 35 miles and 2.5 hrs. After the GP is finished, the ride back is more direct – about 15 miles. Some sections of the ride will probably have very heavy traffic and congestion. Continue Reading…

It’s here!

The promoters were very accommodating this year and the schedule has been finalized kind of quickly. If you see a promoter, give em a hug. Go ahead, reach out…give a promoter a hug.

OK, here is is.

Your 2013-2014 TXCX Schedule:

10.05.13 Six Shooter CX – Austin
10.06.13 Six Shooter CX
10.12.13 Bexar CX – San Antonio
10.13.13 Bexar CX – San Antonio
10.19.13 OPEN
10.20.13 OPEN
10.26.13 Sppoky CX – Dallas
10.27.13 Spooky CX
11.02.13 Houston CX
11.03.13 Bayou Cycling Race – Houston
11.09.13 Georgetown CX – Austin
11.10.13 Georgetown CX
11.16.13 Cedar Hill CX – Dallas
11.17.13 Colonel’s SHO-Air – Fort Worth
11.23.13 Waco CX
11.24.13 Waco CX
11.30.13 OPEN
12.01.13 OPEN
12.07.13 Bikesport Challenge – Houston
12.08.13 Terra X
12.14.13 Tough CX – Fredericksburg
12.15.13 Tough CX
12.20.13 OPEN
12.21.13 OPEN
12.28.13 Garland CX – Dallas
12.28.13 Garland CX
01.04.13 Skills-Based States in Webberville – Austin
01.05.13 CX Scuffle – Age-Based States in Moya – Austin

We are still tracking for Cyclocross Nationals in Zilker Park in Austin in 2015. Also, States will go from one city to the next and rotate in alpha order: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio. Last, we voted last year to have at least one open weekend each month and we were able to accommodate that.

22 races (just like last year)
Dallas – 4 races
Ft Worth – 4
Houston – 4
Austin – 6
San Antonio – 4

Those tallies are a bit off, when you consider places like Waco. It’s technically closer to Ft Worth, but in reality it’s half way between there and Austin. Same with Morovia – closer to San Antonio, but only slightly closer than Houston.

Look forward to seeing everyone on the tracks.

Hup! Hup!

Editor’s Note – guests posts are always welcome, even video or photography-based stories. Thanks to local favorite #Cat3Elite, Minor Baker, for contributing this quality write up. And to his worthy TXCX adversary (and friend), Scott King, for the quality images. Hup!

Three years ago, when UCI decided to award the Cyclocross World Championship to Louisville, KY many Europeans (both racers and fans) scoffed at the idea of the World Championships being held outside of Europe.  To make matters more interesting was the fact it was going to be held in Louisville, Kentucky, instead of more developed US cyclocross hot spots such as New England or the Pacific Northwest.  Louisville had done an outstanding job hosting a USGP race for the last couple of years, but if we were being honest, Louisville doesn’t even crack the top ten of CX destinations (i.e. Koksijde, Tabor, Lille, Zolder), heck it may not even be in the top three of US cyclocross destinations (Providence, Portland, or Boulder).  I think in both cases, that perception has changed. Continue Reading…

On-time race starts.
Sand. Technical features. Demanding terrain.

Quick results. Toilet paper.

Heckling. Beer!

Quality experiences bring racers to the battle, and unless you were living in a cave, you likely read the whole story in the Texas CX 2011 Rider Survey. Racers have serious expectations, and it’s time to get it on.

"Promoter gets to be a TSA member for the day." Glamor shot jacked from Bikesport Challenge Facebook (click image to like the race page).

Submit your cyclocross race proposal before June 15th, 2012

The promoters in Texas deserve a solid high-five for all they do. Super slim margins (if not losses) and municipal headaches rank up near the top. So does pressure from racers, TXBRA and the occasional race day and forum complainer. It’s hard work and rarely glamorous (look right). But if you’re into it… Continue Reading…

They say a tie is like kissing your sister, still a win but not 100% the greatest. We'll take it.

Hey everybody, we’re all gonna get laid!

In a brilliant decision that spreads the wealth, USA Cycling told cross enthusiasts in Austin, Boulder and Asheville that their town is the best. Or something like that.

But it matters for naught, the circus that is national-caliber cyclocross racing will make it’s way to The Capital City in 2015, and likely with a national calendar event the year before.

There’s a lot of work ahead for the Austin Sports Commission and Cadence Sports, and our humble TXCX offering will certainly help shape the proposed course layout and experience. We’ve already helped promote the possibility via social media, and several Austin racers were on hand for the site visit with USAC. But that was just a tip of the iceberg of what’s to come.

Course features can't be disclosed just yet, but know the hilly terrain could be utilized (and it was quite fun to ride).

Danny Curtin is already counting back the days. Right now we’re at 1,040, which is plenty of time to start convincing your friends that the best form of cycling involves dismounting their bike and carrying it.

Special thanks to the two groups mentioned above – without them there is no bid and Austin isn’t even on the radar. Behind the scenes was also long-time Texas cycling advocate, Hill Abell. He knows Austin, and all the groups with interests in the park. We’re lucky to have all these folks on our side.

Please keep up with the blog for updates and we’ll spread information as it becomes available.

Hup! Hup! Hup! Y’all!


Click the image to jump off to our Facebook page and follow the events there.

Oh crap. Austin is on another top something or other list. We’re on tons of them, don’t you know.

This is quite likely the only one that relates to the great sport of cyclocross. After all, who actually races CX in Texas? A few of us anyway…so let’s get into some specifics.

Austin is one of three finalist cities selected by USA Cycling for Cyclocross Nationals in 2014-15. It’s a superior destination that’s different than many locales in recent years, and we think the unique nature of the Capital City will draw you in, too:

No. 1 – Austin is affordable.
Airfare is reasonable and we’re often direct from most major airports. What’s more, you can get to downtown on the bus with your fancy carbon bikes and wheelsets for a buck. Hotels range from affordable to chic and you’ll find breakfast tacos for under a dollar.

No. 2 – A true downtown CX course.
Zilker Park is the crown jewel in all of Austin. She lies in the middle of the city and sports great views of the growing Austin skyline. Something quite nice to look at when you’re anaerobic and want a distraction.

No. 3 – Mariachi bands and good Texas beer.
Nothing puts a smile on your face than the approaching melodies coming from a mariachi band on the top of a hill. Well, our seriously-great microbrews will likely do that, too.

No. 4 – You can’t beat the weather.
Average low? 41. Average high? 62. It can be cold and wet, and a sloppy course in Zilker would be great. But if it’s not, a fast, undulating, hilly and flowy course will be amazing, too. But no matter what, it will be spectator friendly for all.

No. 5 – Got kids? Your family (and significant other) will love it.
The Zilker Zephyr. Barton Springs Pool (in winter, really!). A huge playscape and park right off the course. Canoeing and paddling right there. A great children’s museum. Amazing boutique hotels and plenty of spas for the significant other. It’s a quality January destination.

No. 6 – Tilly loves Texas.
Current National Champ and World Champ. This guys knows CX and he’s told the world he’d like it in Austin.

No. 7 – Amazing food.
Tex Mex. BBQ. World-class sushi. Interior Mexican that would make a chihuahua break its chain. Austin reinvented the food trailer phenomenon and food seekers are partial to locally-owned institutions. If you dine at a chain you must be in the suburbs.

No. 8 – Live music capital of the world.
You can’t swing a rolled tubular in this town and not hit a musician or venue with live music. It’s everywhere, including on the course. Count on it.

no. 9 – Your roadie and MTB friends will love it, too.
2014 is a long way away, so you have plenty of time to start seeding your team with visions of winter training camps. There’s amazing trails right in town, and accommodations in the hill country for those roadies on your team who don’t race CX (those heathens!).

One item intentionally left off the list is an intense course with really cool features. I’d like to share more, but the locals are sworn to secrecy until plans are sorted. Just trust me – the design will utilize the best parts of the park for racers, spectators and promoting the growth of an emerging form of bike racing.

We hope y’all can make it if we get selected. You won’t regret a week in the Violet Crown, whether racing, cheering or both.

Hup! Hup! Hup!