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108 days until the first race of the #TXCX season!


If you caught the schedule, you’ll notice a couple firsts this year:
we start in San Antonio AND Houston;
plus we start one week ahead of years past (in September instead of October).

It’s going to be hot, like Africa hot.

So let’s get into this before the sweat hits the keyboard.

15. Nobody will be at the first race
OK, some people will go. But starting early means that those die-hard road racers will be vying for the coveted prize of best fast guy/gal in the state on skinny wheels that weekend at Ft. Hood. Unless, of course, they are ready for something new. And who isn’t ready for something new already.

I hope that TYC at least shucks the oysters before handing them up.

We hope that TYC at least shucks the oysters before handing them up.

14. Oyster handups from TYC
We’ve seen shrimp and whole pineapples out of the seafaring crew, and if Instagram is correct, we’re pretty sure they’re having a training camp at the Gulf of Mexico right now. It’s highly likely that all those fuzzy navels will lead to ill-conceived arrangements for risky oyster deliveries this fall.

DBW will find your podium. Oh yes they will.

DBW will find your podium. Oh yes they will.

13. Dallas Bike Works racers will be seen in other regions
This year it will be a rarity for most any team to travel outside of their region, but the current offerings in the North will have the fast girls and guys on the road for DBW. We can feel it. Maybe. Continue Reading…

Yeah. We’re a few beers in to the evening and have blown off whatever the hell else it is we’re supposed to be doing (like this week’s race previews) to bring you the women’s edition of the Sandbagger’s Ball.

To get an idea of the rules and regulations regarding upgrades, check out last week’s report on the men too scared to put in for the upgrade.

Editors note: Unbeknownst to us, Ray Frias actually requested and got his cat 3 upgrade the day prior to our last article. Not that we would have cared had we known. And Cassidy Keleand? After winning in Georgetown and then winning Day 1 at CX7s, what did he do on day two? Raced the 3/4 on Sunday. Ouch.

We’re looking at a handful of the top ranked women racers in Texas as well as a few other well known names. If we leave someone out that you love dearly, or that is a total sandbagger, let us know! We probably won’t do anything about it but the more you know and all. As a reminder, our foolproof analysis includes casually glancing over USA Cycling rankings for each category as well as upgrade point totals that we may or may not transcribe correctly.

Like with the guys, there’s officially only one pro CX racer in Texas: Lauren Stephens. But we all know that’s not the full story. let’s grab another beer and have a look at the other pro ladies of TXCX.

PRO. PRO. PRO. (Future PRO).

PRO. PRO. PRO. (Future PRO).

Christina Gokey-Smith.
Second at Nats? Pro! Time to upgrade!

Cat Moore. Undoubtedly pro. Multi-time national champ. Pigtails that would make Rebecca Twigg blush. The better half to Ian Moore, a pro in his own right. Once slapped people’s asses with a rubber chicken in Ft. Worth. We don’t even need to look at her results. Pro.

Jenny Park. She’s done 8 races this season. For some reason she only managed to win 4. The other half she was merely second. Yeah. Obviously taught Jeff Park everything he knows.

Melanie Black. Will Black’s coach for sure. Not quite as sharp as Jenny, she’s “only” podiumed 4 of her 9 races this season. Come to think of it, has Will podiumed that often this year?

Ginny King. Trust us. Pro.

New comer Ash Duban. Not lighting up the TXCX courses for T$A…yet. Heard of the Red Hook Crit? Let Me Google That For You. Two CX upgrade points. Let’s call her the upcoming cat 1 and take a look at the 2s. Continue Reading…


Who are they? Racers hiding in plain sight. At the front of the field. Week after week, race after race.

Many will say that TXBRA does a pretty good job keeping folks honest and races even. But is that true? Let’s see.

Reporting on a double podium for your teammate on social media is bound to get noticed.Social media = upgrades (just ask Danny Curtin).

Using social media to boast on a double podium for your teammate is bound to get noticed. Social media = upgrades (just ask Danny Curtin).

Using USA Cycling’s database of racers and, we can get a pretty clear picture—at least as clear as T$A’s glitter beer—of who is on the move, and should have moved a long time ago.

We’re going to make a few assumptions here though:

  1. Every race counts. Masters, SS, whatever. If you got the result that earned you a point, you got the point. Some will say that “it depends” when looking at masters results or single speed racers. We say “malarkey.”
  2. USA Cycling changed the points rules last year. So we’re going to include last year’s race results as well in our totally biased analysis.
  3. We’re looking at the top ranked riders of each field—as well as some outliers that look like they’re on the bubble.
  4. Point totals we list are career upgrade points from Have a problem with the numbers? Either we made a typo since we’re tipsy—and thus don’t care. Or got it wrong—and we still don’t care.
  5. This is supposed to be fun. If you get upgraded, it’s because you earned it. Be happy. You’re not racing to beat up on slow riders like some crit racer.

Continue Reading…

In Memory Of Guy Nethery

joeyTWOwheels —  October 20, 2014 — 27 Comments
Guy on his 47th birthday this year, hamming it up with the ones he loved most.

Guy on his 47th birthday this year, hamming it up with the ones he loved most.3

Anyone who toe’d the line with Guy Nethery knew he was a kind person. He would ask how you were doing and wish you luck on your race. He was always talking to someone, with a big, bright smile on his face. You’d bump elbows with him in a crit, cross race or on a ride and knew you were leaning into a stable man – the type of seasoned racer and rider you want by your side.

Much of that transferred to his daily life.

Guy was – first and foremost – a husband and father. He was proud of his three girls and he loved his wife with all his heart. Often on team rides we’d talk about our twins, what they were learning and how different they were from each another. In fact, we always talked about family and life, because that’s what interested Guy the most.

Guy wrote on his family blog in January 2013: "This motley group are my cycling teammates.  I feel lucky to be part of the group!  We all spent a long weekend in Leakey, TX enjoying some Texas Hill Country riding and good company. "

Guy wrote on his family blog in January 2013: “This motley group are my cycling teammates. I feel lucky to be part of the group! We all spent a long weekend in Leakey, TX enjoying some Texas Hill Country riding and good company. “

Last Saturday, after completing his race in Webberville, Guy succumbed to a medical episode and crashed his bike. He was in immediate care from an amazing group of racers and spectators who were highly trained in emergency response and saving lives. Unfortunately, Guy never recovered of breathed on his own through the care in the field, in the air and or at the hospital. People worked diligently for two hours, but it was not enough.

Saturday afternoon we lost Guy. He was 47. Mourning ensued and remains steady today. The feel of the crowd at Cyclocross Scuffle the next day was somber. Racers were hugging and some of us were crying, but all of us knew that we needed to race, because Guy would.

Guy putting in the moves to make up places at Six Shooter CX. He won an award for being courageous that day.

Guy putting in the moves to make up places at Six Shooter CX. He won an award for being courageous that day.

Two weeks previous he was awarded the embros BC Spirit Award for crashing twice on the first lap and being minutes behind the main group. In fact, I ran with him through the sand and heckled him by asking if he missed his start time. “Hell no,” he said, “I crashed, twice.” After the race he was very proud that he gained back several places, finished and was not DFL.

The cycling community has lost a great friend. His family lost a great source of inspiration and constant love. As we move forward, we will start to celebrate his life and try to live like him.

Details for the service:

Visitation, Wednesday October 22nd, 6-8p.
3125 N. Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78705

Service, Thursday October 23rd, 2p
Same place
Gathering at La Mancha 3p
Post-gathering ride for a couple hours to follow

Donations for the Nethery Girls:

If you are so inclined, please consider giving a donation to Guy’s daughters. All fund will be transferred to their education 529 accounts when the campaign is complete.

One of the members of the #TXCX community, Chris Chou, posted this on Saturday night and it couldn’t be more true:
“The next time you line up, take a moment and shake the hand of the racer next to you. Wish them a safe race and good legs.”

Guy would have.

Rest in peace, my brother. We love and miss you.

It's time... let's get to it.

It’s time… let’s get to it.


Everyone keeps talking about it. ‘graming it.

You can feel the excitement building as racers acquire new frames and gear and review all the latest road and mountain bike results to see where their archenemy is placing.

Cross is heating up in Texas, y’all. You best be busy.

Here’s your schedule to date. Some things might change (as you can see by the TBDs), but at least you know where you’ll be spending 14 (potential) weekends this fall and winter.

4 – Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter – Austin
5 – Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter
11 – San Antonio CX – It’s a Bexar – San Antonio
12 – San Antonio CX – It’s a Bexar
18 – Webberville Cross – Austin
19 – Cyclocross Scuffle – Austin
25 – Cross Houston – Houston
26 – Cross Houston Continue Reading…

Join Tim Johnson and Pete Webber for a ride to COTA and fun at the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas. All two wheels, all day. Photos ripped off from

Join Tim Johnson and Pete Webber for a ride to COTA and fun at the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas. All two wheels, all day. Photos ripped off from


UPDATE – Pete Webber just told the crew that there will be private indoor parking at COTA exclusively for the group. Plus they have a limited number of FREE tickets. Get on it if you want one. Email Pete at Also, bring your lock for extra security measures at the indoor spot.

Are you on the list for the CX Clinic this Saturday? The one with Tim Johnson and Pete Webber?

Well, unless you were on social media the day of the announcement, you might not have had the chance to sign up before it was sold out.

Fear not, friends, now you can ride on Sunday with the national and world-class stars of cyclocross.

Ride to the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas

This Sunday, April 13, you are all invited to come ride bikes, watch the world’s best moto racers, and enjoy the fantastic world of two wheels!

Some details:

Who: Open to all and designed for intermediate to advanced riders comfortable riding at a brisk pace and in uncertain traffic. Ride participants include cyclocross stars Tim Johnson and Pete Webber, along with friends from Bicycle Sport Shop and the cycling community.

Where: Ride starts and finishes at Bicycle Sport Shop, 517 S. Lamar, Austin.

When: Sunday, April 13, 8:30 am sharp. Please arrive a few minutes early. The group arrives at COTA around 11:00 am. Main event finishes at 2:45 pm, and the group will meet at the bike racks at 3:30 pm sharp for the 1-hr ride home.

The Ride: The scenic route – about 35 miles and 2.5 hrs. After the GP is finished, the ride back is more direct – about 15 miles. Some sections of the ride will probably have very heavy traffic and congestion. Continue Reading…

It’s here!

The promoters were very accommodating this year and the schedule has been finalized kind of quickly. If you see a promoter, give em a hug. Go ahead, reach out…give a promoter a hug.

OK, here is is.

Your 2013-2014 TXCX Schedule:

10.05.13 Six Shooter CX – Austin
10.06.13 Six Shooter CX
10.12.13 Bexar CX – San Antonio
10.13.13 Bexar CX – San Antonio
10.19.13 OPEN
10.20.13 OPEN
10.26.13 Sppoky CX – Dallas
10.27.13 Spooky CX
11.02.13 Houston CX
11.03.13 Bayou Cycling Race – Houston
11.09.13 Georgetown CX – Austin
11.10.13 Georgetown CX
11.16.13 Cedar Hill CX – Dallas
11.17.13 Colonel’s SHO-Air – Fort Worth
11.23.13 Waco CX
11.24.13 Waco CX
11.30.13 OPEN
12.01.13 OPEN
12.07.13 Bikesport Challenge – Houston
12.08.13 Terra X
12.14.13 Tough CX – Fredericksburg
12.15.13 Tough CX
12.20.13 OPEN
12.21.13 OPEN
12.28.13 Garland CX – Dallas
12.28.13 Garland CX
01.04.13 Skills-Based States in Webberville – Austin
01.05.13 CX Scuffle – Age-Based States in Moya – Austin

We are still tracking for Cyclocross Nationals in Zilker Park in Austin in 2015. Also, States will go from one city to the next and rotate in alpha order: Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio. Last, we voted last year to have at least one open weekend each month and we were able to accommodate that.

22 races (just like last year)
Dallas – 4 races
Ft Worth – 4
Houston – 4
Austin – 6
San Antonio – 4

Those tallies are a bit off, when you consider places like Waco. It’s technically closer to Ft Worth, but in reality it’s half way between there and Austin. Same with Morovia – closer to San Antonio, but only slightly closer than Houston.

Look forward to seeing everyone on the tracks.

Hup! Hup!