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Smell that?

It’s #TXCX season.
Or maybe it’s your buddy’s rank-ass kit (wash that thing already).

Either way, our first race is just three weeks away, and practices are popping up everywhere. We’ve aggregated them here on the site, and we also cross publish on Facebook. So follow along and make sure you get out to a practice.

You don’t want that guy in the rank kit to beat you, do you?


  • New to CX? Live in Ft. Worth? FWCX is hosting a beginner practice and following it up with a race series that starts in October. Get on it. 
  • What’s that, you live in Houston? Well KOLO Promotions invites your and everyone you know to CX 101 School THIS MONDAY. Check out the event on the book of faces.
  • Richardson Bike Mart is into it, too. Three practices leading up to the weekly race series. Check out their website for even more info.
  • I hear men are wearing skinsuits to Wednesday Worlds in San Antonio every week. IembrosBC_practice_NWPark_2014t’s serious business (according to reports) and a very fun race practice for all involved.
  • Austin has too many too list, including the embros weekly Thursday morning outing and a huge crew who show up on Sundays for BSSCX. And don’t forget the kids – FREE practice and more in three locations via CX Project 2015.

Coach Minor Baker talks to students at one of the CX Project 2015 weekly practices.

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CX Shenanigans No. 27

joeyTWOwheels —  January 28, 2014 — 4 Comments

This is overdue, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the best racers in all of Texas. So here they are, best of the best in the very best state, 2013-2014.

Elite Men Andrew Beres, Ride Away Cycling Club
Elite Women Catherine Moore, Squadra di Servitori
SS Steven “Chaos” Thomspon, Dallas Bike Works
Expert Men Derrick Saunders, Colonel’s Sho-Air
Amateur Men Tim Spence, Mafia Racing
Amateur Women Missy Hardeman, Squadra di Servitori
Novice Men Ray Frias, Team Yacht Club
M40+ Marc Bergeron, Unattached
M50+ Don Losawyer, Dallas Bike Works
M60+ Chris Thibodeau, Violet Crown Sports Assoc
MU19 Austin Schneider, Northwest Cycling Club
MU15 Tallon Pemberton, Unattached
WU19 Betty Rodriquez, Northwest Cycling Club
WU15 Antionette McCall, Mafia Racing
MU10 Brayden Harshaw, CX Project 2015
WU10 Hazel Levy, CX Project 2015

M40+ Paul Bonds, Oklahoma City Velo Club
M50+ Troy Kimball, Finkraft
M60+ Russell DeBarieris, Sugar Cycles Factory
JrM10-14 Grant Spring, Bicycle Sport Shop
JrMOpen Rob Sandusky, Matrix Cycling Club
JrW10-14 Antionette McCall, Mafia Racing
JrWOpen Betty Rodriquez, Northwest Cycling Club
MP/1 Kevin Fish, Super Squadra
WOpen Lauren Stephens, FCS Cycling
SS Rolando Roman, CX Project 2015
M2 Scott Minard, Bayou City Racing
M3 Rob Sandusky, Matrix Cycling Club
W3/4 Missy Hardeman, Squadra di Servitori
M4 Justin Stanley, Unattached
M5 Ben Kettle, Unattached
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CX Shenanigans No. 26

joeyTWOwheels —  January 12, 2014 — Leave a comment

January 7-11, 2015

If you’re smart, you’ve already reserved those important days off at the office. Because, I gots to say…ain’t no party like an Austin party, cause an Austin party don’t stop.  

You best get ready.

#CXnats in Austin is gearing up. You’ll get all the unofficial news here, on our FB and Twitter  – local tips, course info, parties, more. You can also follow the official promotion group @AustinCX15. Nice folks, to be sure.

Alright, the #TXCX crew was tearing it up in Boulder, and day three was just as fun (if not more) than the previous two:

Adam Finck – 83/105 Elite Men
Jordan Nguyen – 96/105 Elite Men
Rob Sanusky – 31/57 Jr. Men 17-18
Christina Gokey-Smith – 29/111 Elite Women
Catherine Moore – 37/111 Elite Women
Missy Hardeman – 100/111 Elite Women
Kevin Fish – 3/66 Collegiate D1 BRONZE
Zach Carlson – 16/66 Collegiate D1

For those counting along at home, that’s FIVE PODIUMS FOR TEXAS. Pretty damn great, y’all.

Like the last post (and the one before that), here’s a bunch of social media from other people. Know this – the panda is your social director at the next #CXnats.

T$A are known furries.

T$A are known furries.

Bound to happen.

Bound to happen.

“To give the fans a good time. To give the kids a good time.”
All right all right all right.

Watch more videos on CyclingDirt

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CX Shenanigans No. 24

joeyTWOwheels —  January 11, 2014 — 2 Comments

Holy crap!

Texas is taking nationals by storm with four podiums so far. Fred “Captain America” Schmid took second in the 80+ and Christina Gokey-Smith took the same in women 40-44 with Catherine Moore in third, same race.

I would have guessed those ladies to be in their late 20s, but that’s just me.

Rolando Roman – 61/88 SS
Ben Cross – 77/101 Men’s Non-champ 30-44
Chris Carlson – 22/103 Men’s Non-champ 45-99
Michael Bohn – 52/103 Men’s Non-champ 45-99
Martin Soetaert  – 28/58 Men’s 55-59
Bill Cullins – 13/14 Men’s 65-69
Whitney Fanning – 14/14 Men’s 65-69
Fred Schmid – 2/2 Men’s 80+ SILVER
Chris Carlson – 12/55 Men’s 55-59
Joey Machado – 31/55 Men’s 55-59
Michael Bohn – 46/55 Men’s 55-59
Kristin Lucido – 21/24 Women’s 45-49
Christina Gokey-Smith – 2/23 Women’s 40-44 SILVER
Catherine Moore – 3/23 Women’s 40-44 BRONZE
Luke Fleming – 36/57 Jr Men 15-16
Summer Moak – 4/18 Jr Women 15-16 PODIUM
Missy Harderman 14/19 Women’s 30-34

I’ll update soon with full results, including a report for states. But for now, here’s a ton of images pulled from other’s social media feeds and the like.

No, I didn’t give you credit for them.

Hup! Hup!

Watch more video of 2014 Cyclocross Nationals on


Last year’s champ and this year’s silver, Mr Fred Schmid. 80+… we can all only hope.

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CX Shenanigans No. 23

joeyTWOwheels —  December 30, 2013 — 6 Comments

You hear it in every race, “one to go.”


The Women's Open podium exemplifies shenanigans at Resolution CX this past weekend. Pic ripped off from Squadra Di Servitori's Instagram account.

The Women’s Open podium exemplifies shenanigans at Resolution CX this past weekend. Pic ripped off from Squadra Di Servitori’s Instagram account.

The proverbial bell is ringing for most of us and the laatste ronde means hands in the drops, pushing hard for the end. So how will it this season of #TXCX glory play out? Who will win the races and who will take the series?

At, we are elite prognosticators and we’ve been known to debate the players. And we loves us some lists. Let’s see how close we can get.


  • Men 5 – Race is Stanley’s if he shows up.
  • Men 4 – Martin and Frias duke it out, but the Yachtsman Frias should win after a crusher showing at Tough CX.
  • Women 3/4 – Spence
  • Men 3 – Gay has the fitness. Close race in a battle with Martinez.
  • Women Open – Tough competition with Golkey-Smith and Moore duking it out most of the season. We predict that order.
  • SS – Roman. He’s been on fire.
  • Men 2 – Tough battle here with Minard, a perennial in the P/1/2, and some recent new guys. We’ll go with the olde guard.
  • Men P/1 – Uhl has been hot in heavy leg, slog-like conditions (Houston CX and Resolution). Fish has the most wins and Bonds is always there, too. Given the road-like nature of the course, we are predicting Fish FTW.

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CX Shenanigans No. 22

joeyTWOwheels —  November 15, 2013 — Leave a comment

Holy crap. It’s been ten months since the last Shenanigans Report. How in the world is that even possible?

Wut? Cool-ass CX shirts from TXCX. Yes, please.

Wut? Cool-ass CX shirts from TXCX. Yes, please.

Let’s start this one out all sponsorship style. We’re making t-shirts, and you should get some…especially with the holidays coming up. Here’s how:

1. Go to the ordering page. It’s up there in the navigation, or found here if you want to click. The t-shirt is a slim-fit tri-blend that is super soft. American Apparel, indigo blue in color.

2. Pay right away. We’re not ordering extra ones for sale at the races – only available online.

And the back. Note the model is wearing the shirt backwards in this shot.

And the back. Note the model is wearing the shirt backwards in this shot.

3. Deadline is November 29th. They will be done and in your hands around before year’s end.

So, what are you waiting for?

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CX Shenanigans No. 21

joeyTWOwheels —  December 27, 2012 — Leave a comment

LisaHartman_CX_ScuffleTXCX States in nine days. Nats in 16. Worlds in 36.

I don’t even want to think about it.

We’ve got new background art. This masterpiece by Corvin Alstot is called “Lisa Hartman killing it at Moya Park.” Thanks, Corvin, for the image and all your encouragement for racers on the course.

Waco was, in a word, RAD. The course was amazing. If you missed it, plan on it for next year. Here’s some pics. And some more. And some videos curtesy of Bryan Voytilla and Joey Machado (in that order):

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