9 Reasons Why Cyclocross Nationals Would Be Great In Austin

joeyTWOwheels —  January 23, 2012 — 12 Comments

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Oh crap. Austin is on another top something or other list. We’re on tons of them, don’t you know.

This is quite likely the only one that relates to the great sport of cyclocross. After all, who actually races CX in Texas? A few of us anyway…so let’s get into some specifics.

Austin is one of three finalist cities selected by USA Cycling for Cyclocross Nationals in 2014-15. It’s a superior destination that’s different than many locales in recent years, and we think the unique nature of the Capital City will draw you in, too:

No. 1 – Austin is affordable.
Airfare is reasonable and we’re often direct from most major airports. What’s more, you can get to downtown on the bus with your fancy carbon bikes and wheelsets for a buck. Hotels range from affordable to chic and you’ll find breakfast tacos for under a dollar.

No. 2 – A true downtown CX course.
Zilker Park is the crown jewel in all of Austin. She lies in the middle of the city and sports great views of the growing Austin skyline. Something quite nice to look at when you’re anaerobic and want a distraction.

No. 3 – Mariachi bands and good Texas beer.
Nothing puts a smile on your face than the approaching melodies coming from a mariachi band on the top of a hill. Well, our seriously-great microbrews will likely do that, too.

No. 4 – You can’t beat the weather.
Average low? 41. Average high? 62. It can be cold and wet, and a sloppy course in Zilker would be great. But if it’s not, a fast, undulating, hilly and flowy course will be amazing, too. But no matter what, it will be spectator friendly for all.

No. 5 – Got kids? Your family (and significant other) will love it.
The Zilker Zephyr. Barton Springs Pool (in winter, really!). A huge playscape and park right off the course. Canoeing and paddling right there. A great children’s museum. Amazing boutique hotels and plenty of spas for the significant other. It’s a quality January destination.

No. 6 – Tilly loves Texas.
Current National Champ and World Champ. This guys knows CX and he’s told the world he’d like it in Austin.

No. 7 – Amazing food.
Tex Mex. BBQ. World-class sushi. Interior Mexican that would make a chihuahua break its chain. Austin reinvented the food trailer phenomenon and food seekers are partial to locally-owned institutions. If you dine at a chain you must be in the suburbs.

No. 8 – Live music capital of the world.
You can’t swing a rolled tubular in this town and not hit a musician or venue with live music. It’s everywhere, including on the course. Count on it.

no. 9 – Your roadie and MTB friends will love it, too.
2014 is a long way away, so you have plenty of time to start seeding your team with visions of winter training camps. There’s amazing trails right in town, and accommodations in the hill country for those roadies on your team who don’t race CX (those heathens!).

One item intentionally left off the list is an intense course with really cool features. I’d like to share more, but the locals are sworn to secrecy until plans are sorted. Just trust me – the design will utilize the best parts of the park for racers, spectators and promoting the growth of an emerging form of bike racing.

We hope y’all can make it if we get selected. You won’t regret a week in the Violet Crown, whether racing, cheering or both.

Hup! Hup! Hup!




12 responses to 9 Reasons Why Cyclocross Nationals Would Be Great In Austin

  1. It should be in Portland or Seattle…venues with REAL cross races (both have race days with nearly 1000 participants!). Both held the World Single Speed Cross Championships. Maybe San Francisco where the 2011 World Single Speed Cross Championships were held.

    I admit I love Austin..(the only city I do like in Texas) but, a dry warm venue isn’t cross. Cross is mud, rain, cold and misery. The venue should most represent Belgian cross. Take a look at:


    This is cyclocross. PLUS there would be 10,000 plus people at the races. Just my thoughs….but, LOVE Austin. But, it would be too nice. ^_^


    PS. Kentucky and Wisconsin? Totally STUPID VENUES.

    • Great comment Dan, I agree!

    • Thanks for giving us the typical Pacific Northwestern response, Dan.

    • Dan, Excuse me? Were you in Louisville 2 weeks ago for CX Master Worlds? I was. Rain, Mud, Ice, frozen ruts, more mud, they had to shorten the course because there was too much mud! people crashed and dnf’d because the course was too icy.

      Also, please define “REAL Cross Races” for me. No disrespect but just because a city/region (in your case the Northwest) has large turn-outs for CX races doesn’t mean CX Nationals can’t be held in a different place.

      And the comment “The venue should most represent Belgian cross” is pretty lame. Guess what, there’s sunshine and dry conditions is Belgium, too. It’s not always cold & rainy. I’ve been there in January and I was looking for mud and all I found was sand, fast grass and nice forests.

      After all, USA Cycling will decide and not you my friend.

    • Dan, you Pacific NW “cross racers” are so funny.

  2. Or…this website…for cross racing.


  3. Thanks, Dan. I agree – CX is fun when it’s freezing and super wet. In fact, I founded the Chicago Cross Cup and that race series is the epitome of what you just mentioned. CX here is about 40% wet, and we get down into the 40’s in January. So it’s ideal for spectators.

    What’s more, CX is the fastest growing cycling race, and the variety of terrain and locales is a given. Just because we moved to the best city in the south doesn’t mean we’re still not passionate for cyclocross.

    In fact, when you think about it… CXnatsinATX would be the most American choice that USA Cycling could make.

  4. Mark Legg-Compton January 25, 2012 at 1:58 am

    The Compton’s are down with Austin. Sushi, Mariachi Bands and local beer, what’s not CX about that?

    • Right on, Mark. We’re pulling for you guys at Worlds.

      Oh, and if we host in Austin, be sure to bring your cowboy hat. You’ll fit right in (not that it’s ever mattered).


  5. I think Austin would be awesome. Nationals should take place in areas where the sport can be grown, not always where the sport is already huge ATMO, as a wise man would type.

  6. It figures on the typical response of someone about real ‘cross. Guess what folks… every location has moderate temps, etc., sometime. Was it -300F in Madison for the whole week this year? Just create a good course and real racers will have a fun suffering on it.

    Head down to Texas and you just might have a wild racing week and spectator friendly event in one package. Who knows, Mother Nature might serve up rain and cold as well. Maybe they can clear the cactus and cows off a course in time for some races! 😉 Oh snap! It rained in Austin today!

  7. If we host it they will come.

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