Up until this week, everything has been Regional, small time. But here we are in week three, staring down the barrel of our first Texas Cup Elite Series race – Six Shooter, big time.

What does this mean? Well, you should read this post for more details. But in a nut – the races have expanded categories, their own points system, leaders jerseys and more.

If you’re counting at home, that’s six different series here in Texas. All with their own rules, perks, schedules and more. Don’t ask us to keep them all separate, ’cause it’s just not worth it.

Enough about that, here’s some info about the big gun show in Austin this weekend.


All you need on one sheet.

Saturday and Sunday, October 3-4, 2015
Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter Cyclocross Race

We’ve been racing in this park since 2008. I was reminded of that this weekend when a friend said “do you remember when the old course used to go along the lake? I loved that.” The same person talked about how they liked the current Six Shooter course enough, but really wished the promoters would use the land differently. Continue Reading…

People have been saying it. “Why the heck are we racing cross in September?”

Doesn’t make it any less true, comrades. It’s on, like that blow dryer wind smacking you in the face from Mexico.

Without adieu…

Wait a second - did you guys hire a designer for this flyer? If so, how can you charge so little?

Wait a second – did you guys hire a designer for this flyer? If so, how can you charge just $25 per race?

Saturday, Sept. 26th, 2015
Houston Grand Prix of Cyclocross presented by Sugar Cycles

This ain’t the first rodeo for the Sugar Cycles. They held races as far back as 2011, and we even found them to be super responsive to the criticisms of the racers. Pretty weird, right? Anyway, we wrote “kudos to promoter Kyle Davenport for adjusting his layout from day one to two” and “he promises to bring even more next year” – and that he has. Alongside those Kolo Promo boys, the events in Houston are always top notch. Continue Reading…

And we’re off.

Wait, already?

Damn, this seems way too soon.
Way too early.

I don't know about that, but I do know this blog doesn't give a sh*t anymore. Enjoy.

I don’t know about that, but I do know this blog doesn’t give a sh*t anymore. Enjoy.

Are you ready? Do you have the intervals logged? Watts pushed?

Ready or not, it’s on.

Unlike years past where we ask the promoters set questions, this year TexasCX.com is just bringing the real.

Real dirt. Honest opinions. No fluff. No kowtow. Just straight up CX talk. No apologies.

So, let’s get into it.


Week one, race one - It's a Bexar 2015.

Week one, race one – It’s a Bexar 2015.

Saturday, Sept 19th, 2015
It’s a Bexar, San Antonio

In 2012, this race was run in a drainage ditch of a park in a neighborhood that featured pit bull sprints for warm up. It was semi-interesting (because of the hood) and super hot that weekend, and the deep grass zapped the legs pretty quickly.
Continue Reading…

If you wanted to, you could race twice a weekend from now until the end of December. Like wheelsets in Jeremy Powers’ caravan, there are just so many to choose from (32 total).

Variety and choice is great for you, the #TXCX racer. You are in the driver’s seat, so to speak. But how do you pick the races you want to attend?

It’s your schedule and your time, so be sure to choose the ones that matter most to YOU. Here are eleven differentiators for you to consider when drafting your race calendar this year.

1. Location

Most everyone is going to choose the local race, right? After all, if you don’t have to travel why would you? There are many reasons to think beyond your region, and we’ll get to them. But know that the new TXBRA calendar has a slew of experiences and you might not be limited to your area code.

2. Experience

You may recall this beast from Sugar CX earlier in the year.

You may recall this beast from Sugar CX last year. We know Rob Sisk (like Pepperidge Farms) remembers.

Did you like the flyover at Give Me Some Sugar CX? How about the beer garden, costumes and racing through an olde-timey village at Spooky CX? Whatever you like at events, you should make sure they are on your calendar.

Consider the course design – maybe you love the hills (Highlander CX), or you know how to really rail the sand (Georgetown). Maybe you’re an all arounder and it just doesn’t matter.

Also know your designer – Some track architects really know their terrain, and it shows by the flow – lots of tight turns and technical challenges (any Fawley event). Or maybe you want it more like a road event – all straights and gentle sweepers (Six Shooter, Webberville). It’s your call what you like, so capitalize.

And just so we’re all on the same page, nobody enjoys sketchy gravel turns on cement. Continue Reading…

2015 is going to be a banner year for #TXCX, that is if new TXBRA Cyclocross Coordinator, Melanie Black, has anything to do with it.

Melanie Black, our new TXBRA CX Coordinator, on the beach. Photo provided by Mel, likely jacked from your social account.

Melanie Black, our new TXBRA CX Coordinator, on the beach. Photo provided by Mel, likely jacked from your social account.

Melanie has more than 15 years of experience running races as she and her husband, Will, were big parts of the Houston and Asheville, NC scenes. Plus, she’s a bad-ass Cat 1 Mountain Bike / Cat 2 Road / Cat 1 CX racer, and more importantly a proud mom and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA: she puts people to sleep for surgery).

The role of CX Coordinator for TXBRA is to help establish the schedule, to ensure the quality of our races and to act as a liaison between riders and promoters. As you can imagine, satisfaction for all groups is no easy task with so many people bringing their own needs, desires and agendas. And the role is all volunteer.

We sat down with Mel to ask her what’s in store for this upcoming season.

Thanks for taking the time for a few questions. Let’s start with the obvious change – Regional and Elite Races. Over the past few years we’ve toyed with the idea of regional events and we’ve seen they are viable. How do these two classifications work?

Looking at the numbers from last year’s races, we realized that many cross racers did not travel outside their geographical area to race. Having an official regional race series separate from the Elite race series is away to grow the sport from the roots. The idea for regional races is to have low key, fun regional events that cater to the first timer, beginner racer, or a family that races but can’t travel as much. Continue Reading…

Join Allen Krugoff and Meredith Miller for some skills and drills. Images purloined from @MMcyclist and @Krugoff on Instagram.

Join Allen Krugoff and Meredith Miller for some skills and drills. Images purloined from @MMcyclist and @Krugoff on Instagram.

If you’ve spent the summer thinking about how to rid yourself of that awful discount double hop, this is a bit of good news. Two of America’s best cyclocross professionals – Meredith Miller and Allen Krugoff – will be coming back to Texas to share a wealth of knowledge for riders of all ages and levels.


That’s right, it costs you nothing but sweat and a little love for the sponsors. .

Meredith and Allen both co-own, manage and race for the Noosa Professional Cyclocross Team, which is powered by FOCUS Bikes. Brian Leib, local fast guy and FOCUS Bikes rep for the Gulf Coast region, worked hard to set up this weekend, and we couldn’t be more happy and grateful.

Here are some early details (we will update as a flyer and other info becomes available):

Saturday, August 15th
Initial additional sponsors: Richardson Bike Mart, Mad Duck Cyclery and Texas Cross Syndicate.
Location, time and a potential third instructor are pending (save the date!)

Sunday August 16TH

Richard Moya ParkEmbros BC
Embros BC will provide support

Sign a waiver, bring plenty of water and get ready to get your clinic on. After all, #TXCXisComing.

More, soon.

108 days until the first race of the #TXCX season!


If you caught the schedule, you’ll notice a couple firsts this year:
we start in San Antonio AND Houston;
plus we start one week ahead of years past (in September instead of October).

It’s going to be hot, like Africa hot.

So let’s get into this before the sweat hits the keyboard.

15. Nobody will be at the first race
OK, some people will go. But starting early means that those die-hard road racers will be vying for the coveted prize of best fast guy/gal in the state on skinny wheels that weekend at Ft. Hood. Unless, of course, they are ready for something new. And who isn’t ready for something new already.

I hope that TYC at least shucks the oysters before handing them up.

We hope that TYC at least shucks the oysters before handing them up.

14. Oyster handups from TYC
We’ve seen shrimp and whole pineapples out of the seafaring crew, and if Instagram is correct, we’re pretty sure they’re having a training camp at the Gulf of Mexico right now. It’s highly likely that all those fuzzy navels will lead to ill-conceived arrangements for risky oyster deliveries this fall.

DBW will find your podium. Oh yes they will.

DBW will find your podium. Oh yes they will.

13. Dallas Bike Works racers will be seen in other regions
This year it will be a rarity for most any team to travel outside of their region, but the current offerings in the North will have the fast girls and guys on the road for DBW. We can feel it. Maybe. Continue Reading…