In Memory Of Guy Nethery

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Guy on his 47th birthday this year, hamming it up with the ones he loved most.

Guy on his 47th birthday this year, hamming it up with the ones he loved most.3

Anyone who toe’d the line with Guy Nethery knew he was a kind person. He would ask how you were doing and wish you luck on your race. He was always talking to someone, with a big, bright smile on his face. You’d bump elbows with him in a crit, cross race or on a ride and knew you were leaning into a stable man – the type of seasoned racer and rider you want by your side.

Much of that transferred to his daily life.

Guy was – first and foremost – a husband and father. He was proud of his three girls and he loved his wife with all his heart. Often on team rides we’d talk about our twins, what they were learning and how different they were from each another. In fact, we always talked about family and life, because that’s what interested Guy the most.

Guy wrote on his family blog in January 2013: "This motley group are my cycling teammates.  I feel lucky to be part of the group!  We all spent a long weekend in Leakey, TX enjoying some Texas Hill Country riding and good company. "

Guy wrote on his family blog in January 2013: “This motley group are my cycling teammates. I feel lucky to be part of the group! We all spent a long weekend in Leakey, TX enjoying some Texas Hill Country riding and good company. “

Last Saturday, after completing his race in Webberville, Guy succumbed to a medical episode and crashed his bike. He was in immediate care from an amazing group of racers and spectators who were highly trained in emergency response and saving lives. Unfortunately, Guy never recovered of breathed on his own through the care in the field, in the air and or at the hospital. People worked diligently for two hours, but it was not enough.

Saturday afternoon we lost Guy. He was 47. Mourning ensued and remains steady today. The feel of the crowd at Cyclocross Scuffle the next day was somber. Racers were hugging and some of us were crying, but all of us knew that we needed to race, because Guy would.

Guy putting in the moves to make up places at Six Shooter CX. He won an award for being courageous that day.

Guy putting in the moves to make up places at Six Shooter CX. He won an award for being courageous that day.

Two weeks previous he was awarded the embros BC Spirit Award for crashing twice on the first lap and being minutes behind the main group. In fact, I ran with him through the sand and heckled him by asking if he missed his start time. “Hell no,” he said, “I crashed, twice.” After the race he was very proud that he gained back several places, finished and was not DFL.

The cycling community has lost a great friend. His family lost a great source of inspiration and constant love. As we move forward, we will start to celebrate his life and try to live like him.

Details for the service:

Visitation, Wednesday October 22nd, 6-8p.
3125 N. Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78705

Service, Thursday October 23rd, 2p
Same place
Gathering at La Mancha 3p
Post-gathering ride for a couple hours to follow

Donations for the Nethery Girls:

If you are so inclined, please consider giving a donation to Guy’s daughters. All fund will be transferred to their education 529 accounts when the campaign is complete.

One of the members of the #TXCX community, Chris Chou, posted this on Saturday night and it couldn’t be more true:
“The next time you line up, take a moment and shake the hand of the racer next to you. Wish them a safe race and good legs.”

Guy would have.

Rest in peace, my brother. We love and miss you.

2014SpookyCrossIf you’re looking for the only race in Texas that promises to bring the costume party, then look no further than the legacy events this weekend in Dallas. Spooky Cross is here, and it promises to be outlandish as the past events.

Race Director, Zac Lytle, gives us his take on the world-famous Halloween races.

The past few years we’ve seen Spooky Cross at Rosemont Elementary and Dallas Heritage Village. This year is the same as far as location, but will the courses be similar to years past?
We have the same great locations as the past two years. We will be keeping both courses very similar and will make a few tweaks to them based on racer feedback. For instance, at the school course we are going to have a more open start that will reduce bottlenecking on the first lap. At Dallas Heritage Village we will also be adjusting the start to make the first lap smoother, and it is a bit longer, too.

A set schedule both days with an all women’s wave. In fact, it’s a generous purse for the women’s events, too (plus Cat 2 men’s payouts). You’ve really turned up the payouts this year.
Yes, we’ve really pumped up the prize list significantly because we’re part of the Southern Cross Series. As part of the series, riders will be competing for a generous overall prize list. Continue Reading…

BCRCX2014_SKYLINERemember Escalara Loca in Fort Worth in 2011?
Or the brilliant dash up the side of the hill at Spotts Park at BCRCX 2013

Either race will remind a cyclocross racer that stairs are legitimate obstacles. In fact, the more the merrier.

We caught up with local fast men Scott Minard and Nathan Mills of BCR (the director and marketing chief, respectively) about this year’s BCRCX:

2014BCRCX2Tell us about your infamous, compact course and how it might vary this year.
It will be very similar to last year. Lots of fast sweeping turns, a high speed sand pit, a little bit of elevation and of course the infamous stairway to heaven, which is six flights of pain per lap. The only significant change will be moving the finish to the front of the pavilion near the heckle zone so everyone can see the pain. The compact park and being in the shape of a bowl provides great opportunities for spectating and heckling. Heck Hill adjacent to the Stairway to Heaven was a crowd favorite last year and is sure to be popular again. Continue Reading…


GiveMeSomeSugarCX_2014flyerHalloween Weekend is upon us and we have four big races to choose from. Here at we’re writing em up as they come in. First up, Give Me Some Sugar CX in Houston.

We spoke with veteran cross course designer and event Director, Bryan Voytilla of Kolo Promotions, about this event.

So, let’s cut to the chase. You built a giant flyover. HUGE. Tell me about this over-engineered beast.
Well first off major credit for the course design goes to Joey Martinez and Rob Sisk. These guys are brilliant when it comes to putting a course together. The fly-over credit goes to Joey Martinez (check him out on Instagram @jamzilla84), this guy can build anything and he’s one fast single speeder. We wanted to do something that would raise the bar. Sugar_FlyoverThis is the Texas Cup series after all, and we feel people need to emphasize how big of a deal it really is. This thing is stout, go push on it if you don’t believe me. The course also has a stair section and short barriers that will allow riders to test their bunny hopping skills. The course is fast and flows really well. Each lap is just about two miles in length. Continue Reading…

Back to the Velodrome!

2014CrossHouston FlyerVery excited to have this course on the #TXCX schedule. It’s straight out of Paris Roubaix, or in cross circles, Alpenrose in Portland.

If you’re looking for some past previews of the course, you know where to go. But for 2014, here’s what Race Director Frank Karbarz has to say about Cross Houston.

Tell me about the venue – what’s the best feature?

The velodrome has a lot of terrain change and is a hidden gem and you would not expect it to deliver a cross course. But Portland and Seattle run cross races every year at their velodromes. There’s even a Wednesday night series in Seattle. Those who rode is last year remember the epic mud in the flats surrounding the velodrome. We were flooded out of some segments last year so we compensated by making use of as much hillside as we could. It was a tough course, but it was tough for everyone. This year the weather is good and we will be mellower on the climbs. Continue Reading…


Look for a flyer contest (best and worst) at the end of the year.

Cyclocross Scuffle.
Cyclocross Scuffle.
Cyclocross Scuffle. 

Say that ten times fast.

Sunday finds us in Elgin  the sausage capital of Texas – for day two of weekend three. Y’all are familiar with the Bat City Cycling offering, and past write-ups can be found here. The old course at Moya was a pure gem amongst those large pecan trees and subtle ravines – long dragstrip with flow.

Bat City is a legacy event (images from the race in 2012) and the team re-used Webberville for the Age-Based Championships in a pinch last year.

Here’s some input from long-time race director, James Sides: Continue Reading…


The Webberville Flyer is simple and to the point, choke full of the info you need.

Weekend three!
How is your season going?
Are you doing as well as you thought?
Do you wish you rowed sculls instead?

Wherever you are in the spectrum, you should be sure to find yourself just outside of Austin this weekend. Webberville Cyclocross is a legacy event that we’ve written about many times before. It’s a tried and true course, with new mods that have been very well thought out.

We asked John Bartle, promoter of Webberville Cyclocross (and one of the only people we know who was at the first #CXnats in Austin back in ’78) about his race this year.

How long has this race been in the TXBRA calendar?
The Violet Crown ‘cross race  has been at Webberville for eight years now.

Jamie Mitchell of host team, Violet Crown, runs the sand like a pro.

Wow. Thanks a long tenure. What are your favorite memories of the races in Webberville?
One of the early years we had about three inches of rain the day before the race and water was standing in the drainage swales. Some of the course was tape to tape mud two inches deep but tires got washed off in the water crossings. Recently we have have been blessed with some good quality heckling at the sand pit.

Continue Reading…