Gears and Beers looked pretty great. I mean, it’s always super cool when you can ride straight through a building, around old cars and get in some sweet pump track action. Did you see those micro-brew handups? Good on the NTXCX. #HandupsAreNotACrime

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What was more scary in Dallas last weekend – the costumes? Or the “bike handling” in sloppy conditions?

Maybe this video holds the answer:

There are some Belgians shaking their drunk heads somewhere, I guarantee it.

Week eight has the state split in two once again. But fear not, you have a chance to redeem your paltry mud skills for there is rain in the forecast before the McKinney race and rain during the big Elite Series event in Houston.

Without adieu, the two cross events with perhaps the longest names of any cross events ever.

Pour some sugar on me.

Pour some sugar on me.

Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 7–8, 2015 Give Me Some Sugar CX

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Races last week were just  a little wet. Photo by Erik Binggeser.

Races last week were just a little wet. Photo by Erik Binggeser.

Last week brought the epic rains, and with them jokes about Noah’s Ark and mud butt. The heckling sure was a joy, and it was fun to step out like we were racing in New England for a change. Kudos to the promoters who made their events swim last week – definitely a challenge.

Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, 2015 Spooky CX


This is one of the better designed flyers, wouldn't ya say?

This is one of the better designed flyers, wouldn’t ya say?

Words can’t describe how much fun this annual event is. Costumes. A Heritage Park Center with donkeys. Beer and food trucks, plus so much more.  Continue Reading…

Well well well – a guy writes about a super straight course (as shown on published maps), and the course designer pulls a literal 180º. Last weekend’s course at Treaty Oak Ranch in Austin was super fun, twisty, technical and hot.

In fact, one racer got so hot he repeatedly launched his carbon CX racing frame into the air after getting pissed off that his rear d ended up in his spokes. He even did it a few more times when the hecklers urged him on. Good stuff.

Chris Carlson showing support and a bunch more. Pic stolen from somebody, I dunno who.

Chris Carlson showing support and a bunch more. Pic stolen from somebody, I dunno who.

I know when I think hot, it’s not always about the temps outside. Sometimes it’s about you, the hotties on the track.

And sometimes it’s even about the fastest guy in Texas on a track, setting the hour record for our state one day, and the next showing up in nothing but red tape.

At least I don’t see any dildos.

So, Copperas Cove just melted away from the schedule for some reason. Maybe it was mentioned in the ultra-modern forums? Honestly, I don’t know, but I don’t think anyone has a problem with the change.

Somehow another race creeped in, and it looks pretty promising. That makes three again this weekend – here’s the skinny on what we know.



Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 17-18, 2015 Webberville CX

Two races. Two days. Two different promoters in the same park. River City Market and Violet Crown are teaming up, and the big difference is that your course on Sunday they’ll put that thing down, flip it and reverse it.

Similar to years past, save for no gravel turn around and this year we go down to the water.

Similar to years past, save for the gravel turn around and this year we go down to the water.

In addition to seamless management, the track will head into a new section of the park never before used, down by the boat ramp, which adds elevation, some tight turns, and a log stair run up.
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Yes, it’s a thing. But don’t ask us, we only saw the aftermath.

Dusty CX is here for now. Photo cred: Erik Binggeser

Dusty CX is here for now. Photo cred: the ever-talented Erik Binggeser

Week four brings you three – three race locations across the great state. If you’re adventurous, you can hit two.

How about a day in FTW and one in ATX? Or HOU, then FTW? Or HOU, then ATX?

Whatever you do, if it’s not racing somewhere, you likely don’t have #TXCX fever this year.

Some observations on the year so far –

  • fast people are still fast, though some have creeped onto podiums for the surprises of the year
  • fun times at Six Shooter, as usual, with a solid start to an improved track in East Metro Park
  • numbers were up for the first TXBRA Elite Series Race (about 50 more than last year), but lower for the Regional events
  • it’s super cool to see your friends from other cities at the Elite Races
  • rumor has it that the north region (with three incredible week-day race series) doesn’t travel well. Psssshaw to that – nearly 25 racers each day made the long trek down i35 to the Elite Series kickoff in Austin (that’s 7% for those who like percentages)
  • new masters categories tend to see folks smiling big
  • hand ups are apparently a crime, as we were all told this past weekend.

Here are this weekend’s races, in no particular order.


FWCX_weekend_2015_proof6Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 10-11, 2015 ‘Cross Fort Worth

Your weekly series FWCX guys decided that Tuesday nights were not enough, so they stepped up to round out the offering in the North. Race Director, Steven Price, gave us the juicy tidbits: Continue Reading…

Up until this week, everything has been Regional, small time. But here we are in week three, staring down the barrel of our first Texas Cup Elite Series race – Six Shooter, big time.

What does this mean? Well, you should read this post for more details. But in a nut – the races have expanded categories, their own points system, leaders jerseys and more.

If you’re counting at home, that’s six different series here in Texas. All with their own rules, perks, schedules and more. Don’t ask us to keep them all separate, ’cause it’s just not worth it.

Enough about that, here’s some info about the big gun show in Austin this weekend.


All you need on one sheet.

Saturday and Sunday, October 3-4, 2015
Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter Cyclocross Race

We’ve been racing in this park since 2008. I was reminded of that this weekend when a friend said “do you remember when the old course used to go along the lake? I loved that.” The same person talked about how they liked the current Six Shooter course enough, but really wished the promoters would use the land differently. Continue Reading…

People have been saying it. “Why the heck are we racing cross in September?”

Doesn’t make it any less true, comrades. It’s on, like that blow dryer wind smacking you in the face from Mexico.

Without adieu…

Wait a second - did you guys hire a designer for this flyer? If so, how can you charge so little?

Wait a second – did you guys hire a designer for this flyer? If so, how can you charge just $25 per race?

Saturday, Sept. 26th, 2015
Houston Grand Prix of Cyclocross presented by Sugar Cycles

This ain’t the first rodeo for the Sugar Cycles. They held races as far back as 2011, and we even found them to be super responsive to the criticisms of the racers. Pretty weird, right? Anyway, we wrote “kudos to promoter Kyle Davenport for adjusting his layout from day one to two” and “he promises to bring even more next year” – and that he has. Alongside those Kolo Promo boys, the events in Houston are always top notch. Continue Reading…