If you were to give Six Shooter an age, you might say this bad boy is still in elementary school. Smoking in the john. Learning curse words. It’s not the oldest race on the calendar, but it’s not one to miss, either.

Enter, Voytilla:

2014BSSSixShooter We’ve had some fun on this season-opener track, and you should start your exploration by looking over the preview from 2012 and the writeup from 2013. Plenty of videos and images to wet your whistle in the race previews tab.

We asked Capital City Racing, the promoters of this event, to give us some words of inspiration. Continue Reading…

Smell that?

It’s #TXCX season.
Or maybe it’s your buddy’s rank-ass kit (wash that thing already).

Either way, our first race is just three weeks away, and practices are popping up everywhere. We’ve aggregated them here on the site, and we also cross publish on Facebook. So follow along and make sure you get out to a practice.

You don’t want that guy in the rank kit to beat you, do you?


  • New to CX? Live in Ft. Worth? FWCX is hosting a beginner practice and following it up with a race series that starts in October. Get on it. 
  • What’s that, you live in Houston? Well KOLO Promotions invites your and everyone you know to CX 101 School THIS MONDAY. Check out the event on the book of faces.
  • Richardson Bike Mart is into it, too. Three practices leading up to the weekly race series. Check out their website for even more info.
  • I hear men are wearing skinsuits to Wednesday Worlds in San Antonio every week. IembrosBC_practice_NWPark_2014t’s serious business (according to reports) and a very fun race practice for all involved.
  • Austin has too many too list, including the embros weekly Thursday morning outing and a huge crew who show up on Sundays for BSSCX. And don’t forget the kids – FREE practice and more in three locations via CX Project 2015.

Coach Minor Baker talks to students at one of the CX Project 2015 weekly practices.

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It's time... let's get to it.

It’s time… let’s get to it.


Everyone keeps talking about it. ‘graming it.

You can feel the excitement building as racers acquire new frames and gear and review all the latest road and mountain bike results to see where their archenemy is placing.

Cross is heating up in Texas, y’all. You best be busy.

Here’s your schedule to date. Some things might change (as you can see by the TBDs), but at least you know where you’ll be spending 14 (potential) weekends this fall and winter.

4 – Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter – Austin
5 – Bicycle Sport Shop Six Shooter
11 – San Antonio CX – It’s a Bexar – San Antonio
12 – San Antonio CX – It’s a Bexar
18 – Webberville Cross – Austin
19 – Cyclocross Scuffle – Austin
25 – Cross Houston – Houston
26 – Cross Houston Continue Reading…

Join Tim Johnson and Pete Webber for a ride to COTA and fun at the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas. All two wheels, all day. Photos ripped off from PeteWebber.com.

Join Tim Johnson and Pete Webber for a ride to COTA and fun at the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas. All two wheels, all day. Photos ripped off from PeteWebber.com.


UPDATE – Pete Webber just told the crew that there will be private indoor parking at COTA exclusively for the group. Plus they have a limited number of FREE tickets. Get on it if you want one. Email Pete at petewebbercx@gmail.com. Also, bring your lock for extra security measures at the indoor spot.

Are you on the list for the CX Clinic this Saturday? The one with Tim Johnson and Pete Webber?

Well, unless you were on social media the day of the announcement, you might not have had the chance to sign up before it was sold out.

Fear not, friends, now you can ride on Sunday with the national and world-class stars of cyclocross.

Ride to the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas

This Sunday, April 13, you are all invited to come ride bikes, watch the world’s best moto racers, and enjoy the fantastic world of two wheels!

Some details:

Who: Open to all and designed for intermediate to advanced riders comfortable riding at a brisk pace and in uncertain traffic. Ride participants include cyclocross stars Tim Johnson and Pete Webber, along with friends from Bicycle Sport Shop and the cycling community.

Where: Ride starts and finishes at Bicycle Sport Shop, 517 S. Lamar, Austin.

When: Sunday, April 13, 8:30 am sharp. Please arrive a few minutes early. The group arrives at COTA around 11:00 am. Main event finishes at 2:45 pm, and the group will meet at the bike racks at 3:30 pm sharp for the 1-hr ride home.

The Ride: The scenic route – about 35 miles and 2.5 hrs. After the GP is finished, the ride back is more direct – about 15 miles. Some sections of the ride will probably have very heavy traffic and congestion. Continue Reading…

Rock and roll. Austin brings a lot of both to #CXNats2015. Image stolen from Facebook.

Rock and roll – Austin brings a lot of both to #CXNats2015. Image stolen from CXNats2015 Facebook.

#CXNats2015 in Austin is happening…YES!

Are you surprised?

Most of us never lost faith. After all, it was awarded to Austin by USAC, right?

However, many in the Capital City know the “Crown Jewel” as one of our parks that is near impossible to get for events. There’s multiple neighborhood associations, then the city government and yada, yada this and blah blah that. There are people out there – even people we hold in high regard as part of the #TXCX community – who are saying it’s not a go.

It’s a go, ladies and gents… it’s a go, and it’s so much mo.

Rolando Roman of CX Project 2015 and Gary Metcalf of Cadence discuss youth racing and more at The Hideout.

Rolando Roman of CX Project 2015 and Gary Metcalf of Cadence discuss youth racing and more at The Hideout.

We sat down to cold-brewed coffee and breakfast tacos (the official breakfast of Austin) with Cadence Sports President and Co-founder, Gary Metcalf, to get the inside scoop. Here’s a bunch of stuff we know. Continue Reading…

CX Shenanigans No. 27

joeyTWOwheels —  January 28, 2014 — 4 Comments

This is overdue, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge the best racers in all of Texas. So here they are, best of the best in the very best state, 2013-2014.

Elite Men Andrew Beres, Ride Away Cycling Club
Elite Women Catherine Moore, Squadra di Servitori
SS Steven “Chaos” Thomspon, Dallas Bike Works
Expert Men Derrick Saunders, Colonel’s Sho-Air
Amateur Men Tim Spence, Mafia Racing
Amateur Women Missy Hardeman, Squadra di Servitori
Novice Men Ray Frias, Team Yacht Club
M40+ Marc Bergeron, Unattached
M50+ Don Losawyer, Dallas Bike Works
M60+ Chris Thibodeau, Violet Crown Sports Assoc
MU19 Austin Schneider, Northwest Cycling Club
MU15 Tallon Pemberton, Unattached
WU19 Betty Rodriquez, Northwest Cycling Club
WU15 Antionette McCall, Mafia Racing
MU10 Brayden Harshaw, CX Project 2015
WU10 Hazel Levy, CX Project 2015

M40+ Paul Bonds, Oklahoma City Velo Club
M50+ Troy Kimball, Finkraft
M60+ Russell DeBarieris, Sugar Cycles Factory
JrM10-14 Grant Spring, Bicycle Sport Shop
JrMOpen Rob Sandusky, Matrix Cycling Club
JrW10-14 Antionette McCall, Mafia Racing
JrWOpen Betty Rodriquez, Northwest Cycling Club
MP/1 Kevin Fish, Super Squadra
WOpen Lauren Stephens, FCS Cycling
SS Rolando Roman, CX Project 2015
M2 Scott Minard, Bayou City Racing
M3 Rob Sandusky, Matrix Cycling Club
W3/4 Missy Hardeman, Squadra di Servitori
M4 Justin Stanley, Unattached
M5 Ben Kettle, Unattached
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CX Shenanigans No. 26

joeyTWOwheels —  January 12, 2014 — Leave a comment

January 7-11, 2015

If you’re smart, you’ve already reserved those important days off at the office. Because, I gots to say…ain’t no party like an Austin party, cause an Austin party don’t stop.  

You best get ready.

#CXnats in Austin is gearing up. You’ll get all the unofficial news here, on our FB and Twitter  – local tips, course info, parties, more. You can also follow the official promotion group @AustinCX15. Nice folks, to be sure.

Alright, the #TXCX crew was tearing it up in Boulder, and day three was just as fun (if not more) than the previous two:

Adam Finck – 83/105 Elite Men
Jordan Nguyen – 96/105 Elite Men
Rob Sanusky – 31/57 Jr. Men 17-18
Christina Gokey-Smith – 29/111 Elite Women
Catherine Moore – 37/111 Elite Women
Missy Hardeman – 100/111 Elite Women
Kevin Fish – 3/66 Collegiate D1 BRONZE
Zach Carlson – 16/66 Collegiate D1

For those counting along at home, that’s FIVE PODIUMS FOR TEXAS. Pretty damn great, y’all.

Like the last post (and the one before that), here’s a bunch of social media from other people. Know this – the panda is your social director at the next #CXnats.

T$A are known furries.

T$A are known furries.

Bound to happen.

Bound to happen.

“To give the fans a good time. To give the kids a good time.”
All right all right all right.

Watch more videos on CyclingDirt

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